Van’s Posts Video Update for March 2024


Van’s Aircraft posted a video update today on its progress through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Among the high points offered by Greg Hughes:

  • The company expects to file its reorganization plan at the end of March.
  • The company has delivered 375 kits since late December, averaging about 30 kits a week.
  • More than 360 orders including replacements for laser-cut parts have been shipped
    Of those kits “reordered” after the change in price earlier this year, some 30% of those kits have been shipped.
  • In the next few weeks, the company will be reposting lead times for kit components on its website. Previously, the lead times were in a fairly broad range but have been removed since the reorganization began.
  • The RV-15 project is “alive and well” although it has been delayed by the company’s reorganization. It’s not likely the RV-15 will be at AirVenture this year (the company is not attending Sun ‘n Fun) because it’ll be going through its next set of iterations at the factory.
  • Regarding orders of Lycoming engines through Van’s, “quite a few” engines will be built in April and May (no numbers given) and it’s hoped that this effort can be “ramped up,” according to Van’s.
  • The company resumed tours and demo flights “a couple of weeks ago,” according to Hughes.
  • Van’s is also hiring. (See the video for a quick list of openings, more here.)


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