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    Velocity V-Twin

    Velocity, Inc.
    200 W. Airport Drive
    Sebastian, FL 32958
    United States

    Phone: 772-589-1860

    Type Fixed-wingSport-Pilot Compliant No
    Status Current
    Categories Twin, Pusher
    Max Speed (mph) 230Service Ceiling (ft) 17500
    Cruise Speed (mph) 210Rate of Climb (fpm) 2500
    Stall Speed (mph) 70Takeoff Distance (ft) 1500
    Range (statute mi) 1300Landing Distance (ft) 2200
    Engine Lycoming IO-360
    Design Horsepower 180H.P. Low Range 180
    Fuel Capacity (US Gal.) 95H.P. High Range 215
    Empty Weight (lb) 2000Useful Load (lb) 1200
    Gross Weight (lb) 3200
    Wing Area (ft2) 165.3Length (ft) 22
    Wingspan (ft) 34Height (ft) 7
    Wing Design CanardFolding Wings No
    No. of Seats 4Tandem No
    Cockpit Width (in) 50
    Landing Gear Tricycle
    Materials Composite
    Kit Available YesQuick-build Available Yes
    Plans Available NoIncludes Engine No
    Beginner Build Time (hrs) 2000Number Built & Flown 2
    Kit Cost ($US) $116,000Plans Cost ($US) $
    Build Cost Range $235,000 - $300,000
    Manufacturer comment: The Velocity V-Twin is designed to provide a safe and efficient transportation aircraft especially for those who fly at night, over mountains, or large bodies of water, IFR and those who just want the redundancy of a second engine to get them home or to an airport in the event of an engine failure.