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Bill Repucci was handed his Private Pilot’s certificate back in the days when the written test was taken with a Number 2 pencil. At the time, Bill was told that he now had a “License to Learn.” And learn he did, mostly that there was humor buried in the quirky ways of those of us who call ourselves aviators.

Round Magic

There are two types of people in the world; those who like round engines, and everyone else. Shane Madson from Westlock, Alberta, Canada falls...

Not a Garden Gnome

Fans of round engines are a unique breed. They tend to build new old planes. One problem they have is finding a suitable round...

One Cool Creeper

Full disclosure, my father-in-law gave me an early AeroCreeper for Christmas a few years ago. It has become the favorite seat for visitors in...

Hidden Tinnerman Washers

A new approach to reinforcing holes for wheel pant attach screws.

New Electronic Ignition and Fuel injection From New Zealand

Kotuku Aerospace are showing their electronic ignition and fuel injection. The system requires standard mechanical engine driven fuel injection pump and is expected to be...

Spacewalker II Project

Switching from scratch build to restoration.

Scratching the Itch to Scratch Build

Getting started on a Spacewalker II.

Hang Up!

I have been flying my RV-9 for 14 years and a thousand hours. You would think that by now I’d have this figured out,...

Stop Smoking

A simple rivet repair we hope you won’t have to make.

Quick-Drain O-Ring Change

By Bill Repucci.

In Case You Missed it

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Aero ‘lectrics

Columnist Jim Weir reminds us that its good to laugh at ourselves once in a while, and, to that end, he acts as an unofficial translator between pilots and the FAA, construing what they mean by what they say, and what they mean by what they don't say. He also details the latest contributions to Murphys Law from the world of aviation.

Down to Earth

Finally, an electrical fix. By Amy Laboda.

Maintenance Matters

Non-structural fiberglass repairs.