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Larry Larson
Larry is a humble Van’s RV-7A builder and a PPSEL pilot for 14 years. His goal is finishing his pride and joy, Lucy, and helping others with their projects.

Fitting an RV-7A Cowl

Time to start the Cowl? It’s one of the biggest milestones and ranks right up there with the canopy. Don’t fret. There are tips...

Tip Tips

How to finish control surface tips.

It’s a Wrap!

How to finish your instrument panel with vinyl.

Easy Slider: Part 3

In Part 2 we applied the last coat of primer and fixed any flaws. After wet sanding with 800-grit and one last cleaning, we’re...

Easy Slider: Part 2

Preparing a fiberglass canopy skirt and windshield fairing for prime time.

Easy Slider: Part 1

Building a one-piece fiberglass canopy skirt and windshield fairing isn’t as tough as it seems.

Sikaflex Canopy Bond

Tips for making The Big Cut and bonding a canopy.

Rivet Gun Punch

By Larry Larson.

Fine Line Paint Masking

Masking curved lines can be an exercise in frustration. Most tape will not bend without forming a crease. Multiple strips don't work because...

Cleco Pads

I recently painted the glareshield section of the top forward fuselage skin before gluing the canopy. Lots of work was invested, and I...

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NextGen Heirloom

Dennis Hutchinson rebuilds a Davis DA-2 for the future.

What’s Your Angle?

Angle of attack indicators make better pilots and might save your life.


Builders share their successes.


Builders share their successes.