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Experimental aircraft have long been about innovation and personalization. We know that from looking at the available designs and talking to you, our readers. But we’d like to know more, especially which features and capabilities your first (or next?) homebuilt-aircraft project should have. Please take a few moments to tell us what you’d like to see from the Experimental world and, in so doing, help us build a better magazine, website and video experience for you.

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  1. Your survey seems biased toward the low and slow or bush plane types. Those that want an acrobatic belchfire 500, a replica fighter, jet or even a kit built Mooney don’t have appropriate choices. No radial or jet engine choices, highest stall speed was 45, then “i don’t care”. Lots of “practical” uses but no “I just want to have fun” or “something cool”.

  2. In reference to the Kitplanes Reader Survey., allow me to point out, that practically the only thing after the Dyke Delta to happen to the world of Homebuilts, was , the BD5, Burt Rutan, the myriad spin offs of his ideas, AMT and similar small jet engines AND Kitplanes Magazine.While that is a profound accomplishment, the “Industry” has
    not been terribly imaginative, as this hobby is largely stuck in pre WWII designs.
    Low cost design has largely been ignored. Anyone below the rank of Dentist is snubbed. Why is the Teenie Two so utterly ignored ? What aboutthe KR2S ? Yeah, an article twenty years ago…..

  3. I agree with the two previous comments. It seems we are stuck choosing designs that have shown little exotic changes in the last 30 years. Where are the blended wings, ducted fans, electric propulsion?


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