Italian Prop for M-14-Equipped Aircraft


After much flight-testing in various countries by private YAK aerobatic pilots, results have demonstrated that the new 2.50 propeller from GT Propellers, made of wood and carbon and specifically designed for M-14 engines, offers great high-speed performance, the company says.

Those who flew with the GT props also claimed shorter takeoffs, faster climb, more speed at standard cruise settings, fuel savings and shorter landings.

These new blades fit the original hub, the company says, so no modification is required. The initial blades for the YAK have proved to be a model for bigger blades that may be built for engines up to 1500 horsepower.

GT Propellers primary sales and service center is located in Italy, but there is a North American sales and service center in Montreal. For more information and prices, call 514/581-5577, or visit GT Propellers.

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