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Myron Nelson soloed at 16 and has been a professional pilot for over 30 years, having flown for Lake Powell Air, SkyWest Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. He also flies for the Flying Samaritans, a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that provides medical and dental care in Baja California, Mexico. A first-time builder, Myron currently flies N24EV, his beautiful RV-10. He has also owned a C-150 and a Socata TB-9.

Light Up

When I first started construction on my RV-10 in 2007, old-school incandescent lights were making their way out of the market and LEDs were...

Fed Stories

By just about every measure, the aeronautical industry in the United States—including the number of pilots, manufacturing and federal oversight—is by far the largest...

Unfit for Flight

Our culture’s version of schadenfreude often distills down to something called the Darwin Award, where hapless individuals appear to be disproving Charles Darwin’s theory...

See Fit

Recently, a former airline colleague was killed when his Experimental aircraft impacted rapidly rising terrain while in level flight. It is easy to know...

Going for Gold

Darwin Barrie’s RV-7 takes the prize at AirVenture.

A Matter of Trust

Most of us have been in a Mom and Pop café or shop, usually out in the country, where the wall on one side...

Under Pressure

No, this working title isn’t about sitting down close to my draft submission deadline staring at a blank screen. (But it could be.) This...

AirVenture By RV?

Since my Van’s RV-10 first took flight in 2014, I’ve made it to Oshkosh five times. The first four were flying the airplane from...
Van's RV-10

Buying Used: Van’s RV-10

On a scale of 1–10, most owners rate it an 11.

What’s In a Name?

Out of the blue.

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Dave Prizio evaluates the two major fabric covering systems – PolyFiber and Air-Tech – and sets to work, patiently covering his Texas Sport Cub airframe.

Bendix and Beyond

Constant-flow fuel injection for Lycomings.


Countless modifications for homebuilts are available, but does that mean they're right for our projects? Paul Dye discusses the value of keeping things simple.

What’s New

Sportairs Sirius LSA is available for demo flights, the Spider Tracks viewer allows you to track flights on your iPhone and MGL Avionics Second Generation EFISes debut. Edited by Mary Bernard