L-3 Aviation Products Announces Lynx ADS-B Products and Support for Experimental Aircraft



With the new LynxDirect program, it’s now possible for builders and owners of Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft to self-install the Lynx line of ADS-B products. L-3 has traditionally required that all sales of its products include installation services from an authorized dealer.

Considering the urgency of the FAA’s ADS-B mandate and the desire of Experimental aircraft owners to take advantage of the benefits of ADS-B, LynxDirect systems will be available through two new sales paths: over the counter from L-3 authorized dealers or directly from L-3 Aviation Products.

LynxDirect systems include all required documentation and software to enable Experimental aircraft owners to self-install their Lynx system, just as they would other avionics. LynxDirect systems will be distinctively packaged for improved identification and ease of installation.

To support the Experimental aircraft market, L-3 is enhancing its field service engineering group to provide installation assistance through an online knowledge base, community forums, and direct access to installation expertise. Owners of certified aircraft equipping with Lynx systems will still need to use the installation services of an L-3 authorized dealer.


L-3 will be initiating the LynxDirect program through the L-3 authorized dealer network very soon and will roll out the direct-from-L-3 sales option by the end of 2016. Visit L-3 at AirVenture in Hangar C booth 3109–3114 for more information.


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