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Jim Weir is the chief avioniker at RST Engineering. He answers avionics questions in the Internet newsgroup www.pilotsofamerica.com–Maintenance. His technical advisor, Cyndi Weir, got her Masters degree in English and Journalism and keeps Jim on the straight and narrow. Check out their web site at www.rst-engr.com/kitplanes for previous articles and supplements.

Sausage, Law and Breadboards

Otto von Bismarck said that if you enjoy sausage and law, you should never watch either of them being made. I will add to...

The Proof Is in the Putting

Putting it on the hangar roof and wiring it to the airplane, that is. This is the first of a whole lot of things...


I love to look at the beautiful work and magnificent instrument panels that our KITPLANES® readers show us in these pages. But I also...

The Solar HOG

So, we’ve got this huge furnace about 94 million miles away from us, and we want to tap into that furnace’s power. Since this...

I’m a HOG

Porkers of the world, relax. I’m not about to turn you all into bacon and spareribs (although that’s not a bad idea). No, HOG...

VHF Com–the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

With a panel full of glass and diodes turned into all the colors of the rainbow, the poor old VHF com sitting over in...

Vertical, Vertical and so Very Practical

So, here we are with fly-in season upon us. And fire season. And lots of reasons to have an aircraft com station on the...

Off the Grid (Chapter 2)

Here we go with what I promised you last month. This may be the simplest—and yet the most complex—discussion of what it means to...

A Grid-Free Hangar

This may well be the most ambitious project I’ve tackled in the last 35 years of writing my KITPLANES® columns. I’m going to unplug...

ADS-B, Eh?

In the December 2019 issue of Kitplanes®, Larry Anglisano took us on a scenic journey of what ADS-B is going to look like from...

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Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience

Keeping Burt Rutan's classic canards alive.

Maintenance Matters

A clean plane is a safer plane and a source of pride.

Light Stuff

Identity crisis-whats in a name? By Roy Beisswenger.