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Aero ‘lectrics

What do you do if you need to monitor a number of audio signals, but you don't have room for an audio switching panel? Jim Weir finds the answer in a summing amplifier.


Intake Valve Failure"Error Chain" in the September 2016 issue is a great article, with...
The most difficult compromises live in the middle of the performance envelope, while the easiest decisions are found at each end of the spectrum. This VW installation emphasizes economy over performance, so a prop gearbox would be an obvious complication.


Never one to revel in the practical, recently I found myself expounding to a colleague on why the general aviation world moves at 2700 rpm.

The Dawn Patrol

They may not be comfortable, and they don't go fast, but flying a WW-I plane is just plain fun. When you can share the experience with some American heroes, its even better.