Maryland Flight School to Offer Searey Transition Training


Chesapeake Sport Pilot flight school of Maryland has earned FAA authorization to provide factory-approved Searey transition training to current and future owners. This authorization, a letter of deviation authority (LODA), is the first in the country specific to the Searey amphibious aircraft.

The Searey is a two-place “flying boat” that fits within the Light Sport Aircraft category. As with most kit planes, flight training has sometimes been problematic for Searey owners, as builders of Experimental aircraft are not allowed to take a flight instructor with them during the first 40 hours of flight testing. “This LODA granted by the FAA will allow us to offer training in our flight-school Searey so that builders can become proficient in the handling qualities of a Searey before flying their own aircraft for the first time,” explained Chief Flight instructor Helen Woods.

The Searey, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is designed by a Florida-based company, Progressive Aerodyne. More than 500 kit-built Seareys are flying worldwide.  Chesapeake Sport Pilot is the mid-Atlantic dealer for Searey kits.

For more information about Chesapeake Sport Pilot, call 410/604-1717, or visit For more on Progressive Aerodyne, call 352/253-0108, or visit


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