Paper Airman Certificates to Expire Soon


All paper Airman Certificates will expire on March 31, 2010, except for some temporary certificates and student pilot certificates. Otherwise, those who hold paper certificates will not be able to legally exercise the privileges of those certificates after March 31.

New certificates can be applied for via U.S. mail by completing an Application for Replacement of Lost, Destroyed, or Paper Airman Certificate, available from the FAA. Or you can send a letter that includes your name, date and place of birth, social security number and/or certificate number and stating why you need a replacment to: FAA Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760 P.O. Box 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082. Include a check or money order for $2 (per certificate requested), payable to the FAA.

A request for a new Airman Certificate can also be made online by visiting the FAA web site. A downloadable PDF of the application is also available there.


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