Plug-and-Play Electrical Systems for Vans RV-7 Through -10


Composite Design, Inc., supplier of pre-wired Power Panels and custom aircraft electrical components since 1994, has announced the debut of a complete line of electrical systems for Vans Aircraft models RV-7 through RV-10. The new systems will be available starting the summer of 2006.

The wiring systems are modular in design with the basic systems including all airframe, instrumentation, avionics, engine power and control circuits. Minimum engine instrumentation wiring is also included as well as pre-assembled switch and breaker panels.

Each system includes plug-and-play cables, mounting hardware, tools and connector sets for the avionics power and engine instruments. An expanded engine instrumentation cable assembly is available in the event that an analyzer is used. Hardware options include pre-wired strobe systems, heated pitot, master and starter solenoid assemblies and backup electrical system. Several pre-wired engine instrument options are available from basic setups through the Electronics International MVP-50.

With each package, all possible probe wiring is completed and tested at the factory. Probes and sensors are mounted by the builder and plugged in with just a few connections required. The only extensive wiring needed in addition to this system is the avionics stack. Since the harness system provides power, push-to-talk, autopilot control to the stack, system simulators will be available on a loan basis for use by avionics shops to complete the plug-and-play system.

The majority of the cables are loomed for durability and neatness, and gold and silver pins are used in all plug-in connectors. The through-firewall connectors are metal with multi-turn bayonet locking rings drilled for safety wire.

Pricing varies with options and will be finalized in the coming months. For information, contact Composite Design at 321/956-6619. Visit their website at

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