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Pumping avgas and waxing flight school airplanes got Tom into general aviation in 1973, but the lure of racing cars and motorcycles sent him down a motor journalism career heavy on engines and racing. Today he still writes for peanuts and flies for fun.


Sport Gold Final.

Finals, Finally

Sunday has dawned cool and darkly overcast which is just fine with the racers at Stihl National Championship Air Races at Reno, Nevada. For...

Real Racing Today

With an incoming cold front starting to push, the smoke has cleared for the best visibility so far this week and the racers are...

Endeavor For Sale

Readers familiar with Formula One air racing may have been wondering where F1 racing standout Endeavor has been this year. The short answer is Endeavor...

Turbo Glamour

Imagine if you had this pile of custom-built turbo plumbing to put on your airplane. How long do you think it would take to...

Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert, designer and builder of current Formula One front runner Fraed Naught among others, unexpectedly passed away at home yesterday of an aneurysm. The...

And We’re Racing (for awhile)

With 10 miles of visibility today the pylons are getting dusted today at Reno. Or were until our early afternoon deadline when the smoke...

A Report From the Smokehouse

Today has been an unusual day at the air races, if only because wildfire smoke has taken over the schedule. Visibility has ranged from,...

Formula One First Report

Going into todays heat races, which will get underway when the smoke permits, the story in Formula One is a brewing shootout between defending...

Settling In For Sport Gold

After being coerced into driving to the races this year (weather and can’t miss obligations immediately after so I have to get home) it...

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Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

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