Quad City Adds Two New Kits to Lineup


Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corporation has announced its Challenger Light Sport XS 50 and XL 65. The XS 50 is optimized as an economical, go-fast airplane for wheels and skis. The cruise speed is increased to 95 mph thanks to a 26-foot clip wing and streamlining features. Power is from a 52 hp Rotax 503. Its gross weight is 960 pounds, and it comes standard with a 10-gallon fuselage tank.

The XL 65 is a high-power, high-lift aircraft for amphibious floats, heavy loads and high density altitudes. It sports a 29.5-foot midsize wing, a power package with 30% more thrust, new landing gear and standard 20-gallon wing tanks to allow a gross weight increase to 1060 pounds. It is powered by a 65-hp Rotax 582.

Price for the XS-50 is $26,874, and the XL-65 is $31, 864. The company is offering a 10% discount on kit purchases at AirVenture.

For more information, visit www.quadcitychallenger.com.



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