The Numbers Please!



In a small, unmarked building in “Area 51” on the grounds of Whitman Regional Airport (AKA AirVenture), a small group of workers toil literally from dawn to dusk, parking the wide variety of homebuilt aircraft that arrive and depart during this special week each July. Like all good toilers, they like to keep track of their charges, and Kitplanes was, at no great personal risk and the price of a Spotted Cow beer, able to get a picture of these records.

The good news is that numbers were up across the board from last year – which was a pretty good year. The plane count reflects the total number of airplanes tied down in HBC and HBP each day, with the biggest single day being Tuesday. Homebuilders traditionally push the schedule, arriving before the show opening on Monday, and beginning to trickle out on Wednesday. If we are interpreting the board correctly it appears that HBC set a record of 381 on Wednesday.

So if you and your airplane were part of the annual migration to Wisconsin this week, congratulations on helping to increase the consumption of Brats, beer, and cheese curds to new heights.

Lets’ see if we can do even better in 2016!


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