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New Gadgets from AirGizmos

AirGizmos has introduced a premium beanbag XM antenna package, designed for easy switching of a Garmin GPSMAP 396 or 496 antenna between an airplane and another vehicle. Having one antenna saves on service subscriptions and alleviates the need for the purchase of additional equipment. (Use of the product requires purchase of the AirGizmos XM antenna dock.)

The antenna dock package weighs 10 ounces, and measures about 7 x 1.5 inches. The beanbag base allows you to place the dock on a glareshield or auto dashboard, and the design tames antenna cables. The package includes the base, cradle, beanbag assembly and two cables. The price is $99.95.

Also introduced is a universal gust lock, designed to fit virtually all control surfaces including the rudder on a variety of aircraft. Further, the Remove Before Flight flag has been incorporated into the adjusting strap. Only soft materials come into contact with the aircraft via two padded plates that keep the lock from sliding once tightened. Small enough to fit in a flight bag, the gust lock is large enough to control large surfaces in a stiff wind, the company says, and may be rotated to provide maximum locking pressure along either a horizontal or vertical surface. The price is $49.95 per pair.

For more information, call 972/671-8001, or visit http://www.airgizmos.com/

AeroPulsar LED Nav/Strobes

AeroLEDs has announced its latest contribution to aviation LED lighting. AeroPulsar LED-based nav/strobe lighting products meet TSOs C30C and C96C. When installed per FAR Part 91.205 c-2, 3, Pulsar lights will exceed the requirements of traditional legacy technologies such as Xenon strobes and incandescent lighting, the company says. The new Pulsar was designed from a clean sheet, using advanced mechanical/electrical computer modeling and optical ray-tracing software to accurately predict the performance of the final product. It is currently in the certification process, with approval expected by the first quarter of 2009.
According to AeroLEDs, Pulsar features include life expectancy that will match the life of the airframe, zero maintenance, low power consumption, manufacture with no environmentally harmful substances, elimination of RF noise, low weight (less than 12 ounces), low drag, direct retrofit and multi-voltage inputs (9 to 30 VDC).

The AeroPulsar price is $995 per pair. For more information, call 208/867-1319 or visit AeroLEDs at www.aeroleds.com.

Speed Brakes for RV-10

RDD Enterprises, LLC announced the availability of the electrically actuated Speed Bra-X for the Vans RV-10. RDDs David McRae headed up the development program for the design, working with Precise Flight, Inc., which holds a number of Supplemental Type Certificates for speed brakes on a range of aircraft, many of which are installed as original equipment. At cruise speeds, Speed Bra-X deployment will give you a steady speed descent rate of 1000 feet per minute or a level flight reduction of 20 KIAS, McRae said. The RV-10 performance envelope is already very impressive and utilitarian; we’ve just added a vertical dimension to it.

The Speed Bra-X kit is $3995, and the installed weight is 9 pounds. It offers power-failure protection, and a lighted on/off switch indicates deployment. The company says the benefits can be realized in virtually every phase of flight including initiating rapid descents without reduced power, maneuvering without increasing airspeed, quickly reducing airspeed upon encountering unexpected turbulence and increasing wing loading for a smoother ride in rough air.

For more information, call 541/504-0305 or visit www.rddent.com.

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