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Step-by-Step Building Assistance for the RV-12 Is Available on DVD

HomebuiltHELP, producer of DVDs for Experimental aircraft builders, has introduced a complete DVD series on building a Van’s RV-12 aircraft kit. Each title in the series corresponds with the sub kits supplied by Van’s, and include: empennage/tail cone, wings, fuselage and finishing kit.

The videos demonstrate and explain each step of construction for the RV-12, in sync with Van’s instruction manual, the company says. Even tools that are required in construction are explained and demonstrated. Watching the process and learning what’s involved will not only help those already in the building process, but can give potential builders a good idea of what it takes to construct an RV-12 before making the investment. Each video costs between $39 and $59, and includes free shipping.

For more information, visit www.HomebuiltHELP.com.

Plane-Power Offers Alternator for Continentals

Plane-Power Ltd. has introduced its FAA-certified C28-150, a lightweight, high-output, gear-driven, 150-amp alternator for Continental 520 and 550 engines. The alternators feature built-in noise filtration and can be used with customers’ existing alternator gear/clutch assemblies.

“The key to the C28-150’s performance is its unique combination of high-quality components, precision manufactured hairpin stator assembly and an efficient, proprietary cooling design,” said Jason Hutchison, assistant general manager of Plane-Power Ltd. “At just 13 pounds installed weight, the C28-150 is unmatched in its ability to provide very high continuous output of 150 amps while maintaining the lowest operating temperatures in the fleet. The result is a very high output alternator with very high reliability.” The alternators are manufactured at the company’s Granbury, Texas, factory and retail for $1299.

For more information call 877/934-5700 or visit www.plane-power.com.

WhirlWind Announces a Composite Prop for Rotax

WhirlWind Propellers has introduced a new composite ground-adjustable propeller for the Rotax 912/914 engine. According to the company, the blades feature a highly swept profile and thin airfoils, which result in quiet and efficient performance. The three-blade propeller features carbon-composite blade construction, nickel leading edges and a CNC-machined aluminum hub. It weighs 7.7 pounds, and is available in 68- and 70-inch diameters. Retail price is $1525.

For more information, call 619/562-3725 or visit www.whirlwindpropellers.com.

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