406 ELT Tester From Creative Electronics


Creative Electronics announced the availability of an affordable and user-friendly tester for the 406 MHz COSPAS-SARSAT emergency locator beacons.

Unlike the limited self-test, this tester does a comprehensive test of the beacon and provides a pass or fail indication displaying not only the message content including the all important HEX IDENTIFICATION CODE, but also the results of the actual measurements and if any discrepancies, a list of them.

The results of each test are stored when they are made and can be reviewed once the tests have been completed. This tester provides for a direct connection to the antenna of the beacon allowing for the actual power output of the beacon to be measured, or for off the air measurement of the relative radiated strength coming from the beacons antenna. Additionally, it tests 121.5 MHz beacons.

Power for the tester is provided by commonly available AA batteries and will test approximately 50 beacons when using 8 non-rechargeable lithium batteries. The tester is available from Northwest Aviation Services for $648 plus shipping and handling and includes in addition to the tester, a set of Lithium batteries, a spare fuse, and a spiral bound paper copy of the owners manual. Additional information is available at Beacon-Tester.com
or via e-mail or phone: 208-435-4002.


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