ELT Offers New 406 MHz ELT


Setting a new standard in 406 Mhz ELTs, the Emerging Lifesaving Technologies ELT406GPS comes with a blade style antenna that incorporates both the ELT and GPS antenna. This ELT incorporates an integral GPS receiver, thus there is no requirement to connect the unit to your aircraft GPS receiver. Emerging Lifesaving Technologies has reviewed ELT failure modes and designed its G switch to limit false alarms while improving activation reliability. Sized about the same as any of the current D cell GPS units currently available on the market, the 2.7-pound, $1595 unit contains a proprietary long-life battery that boasts a two and a half year shelf life and improved signal broadcast life. A rubber ducky antenna is a $100 option and when used, turns the ELT406GPS into a personal locator beacon (PLB).

The big news with the ELT is the simple panel-mounted switch that can verify the signal is being sent properly and incorporates a battery life monitor. Expect to spend $200 every two and half years for the owner/operator replaceable battery. No 121.5 transmitter is included in the ELT406GPS, which means that depending on the FCC’s final ruling on the issue, this unit may not have to be replaced in the future.

For more information, call 888/406-ELT1 or visit www.elt406.net. You can also find Emerging Lifesaving Technologies’ display at Oshkosh AirVenture through August 1 at Building D, Booth 4039.


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