Aircraft Spruce Acquires SkySports


PRESS RELEASEAircraft Spruce & Specialty Co, a leading supplier of 
experimental and certificated aircraft parts since 1965, has acquired 
SkySports International. Located in Linden, MI, SkySports was founded in 
1979 by Marshall MacFarlane. SkySports produces its own line of single and 
dual fuel systems and fuel probes, and also carries a complete line of 
products such as instruments, radios, GPS, strobes, Comtronics 
helmet/intercom systems, Winter instruments, and hardware for the 
ultralight market. All SkySports products are now available from the 
Aircraft Spruce West and East warehouses. For more information, call 1-877-4SPRUCE or visit Aircraft Spruce & Specialty.


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