Another Way to Turbine Your Lancair IV-P


Advanced Aviation has developed a firewall-forward package for the Lancair IV-P kit using the Garrett TPE 331 turbine engine. (Lancairs own Propjet uses the Walter 701E.) According to the company, five aircraft are under construction, with one flying and another just about ready to fly at press time.

Advanceds use of the TPE 331 provides more power than the Walter894 shaft horsepower compared to 750and is said to burn 20% less fuel. In addition, the company says the Garrett has better altitude performance, posting a 150-hp advantage at Flight Level 250 compared to the Walter. (Turbines act like normally aspirated piston engines, slowly losing power with altitude.)

According to Advanced, the Garretts fixed-shaft design provides less turbine lag. Initial performance numbers are a cruise speed of 315 knots true (366 mph) at 10,000 feetwell below the engine/airframes optimum altitudewith the expectation that 350 knots (403 mph) is in the cards.

The FWF kit, which will come only as a quickbuildwith the fuel and oil systems already mountedcosts $40,000. The cost of the engine and prop package will vary according to total time and condition, but should be in the range of $100K to $200K. The FWF assembly includes new carbon-fiber cowlings, a stainless-steel, ceramic-coated exhaust system and wiring harness.

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