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Dan Horton says he is "just a homebuilder". He has been a pilot more than 30 years and currently flies a custom RV-8.

Pot Luck, Oshkosh Style

The day started slow, with a low overcast and rain, an excellent day to visit the EAA museum. Then it was off to the...

From our Junior Reporter

This airplane is really cool! It's an RV 6 with a huge 6 cylinder engine and a sweet paint job. I'm told the owner races this plane at Reno. I bet it is really fast. Tomorrow, I am going to the main flightline to see all the show planes.

Landed. Let's Look Around!

It's Oshkosh time again! The trusty Vans RV-8 brought us from Alabama in about 4 flying hours. Even found cheap fuel ($3.64) and a...

Unison Slick P-Lead Fixation

By Dan Horton.

The Unbearable Lightness of Propulsion

Surely there's a fun single-seater which could put this Air Conception Nitro 200 to good use. How about 28 HP in a 25 lb...

Samson Mite

This is most overlooked really cool airplane at the show, the Wolf "Samson Mite." It's a one-off by professional builder/pilot Steve Wolf, for his...

Flash – Exclusive – We Fly the Jetmobile!

Yes, dear reader, today your faithful scribe assumed the position atop one the most exciting homebuilts in the universe, the Holmes Jetmobile. Only a...

Airbrushed Cooling Plenum – Because, Why Not?

Here's a pretty bit of carbon fiber, a cooling plenum for the new Commuter Craft side-by-side canard. The air intakes are located in the...

It's About Meeting People

Sun 'n Fun, like any gathering of the aviation clan, is as much about meeting people as it is about airplanes. This is Milton, on the right. We found him camped under a live oak draped with Spanish moss when we grabbed the campsite next door. Milton just finished an RV-12, then started right in on a Legal Eagle.

Separator or Condenser?

Air-oil separators 101.

In Case You Missed it


Survey ResultsEarlier this year, we asked our readers to tell us what they thought...

Highly Evolved

The Lancair Turbine Evolution might be the ultimate Experimental kit aircraft. By Doug Rozendaal.

MGL Avionics Stratomaster MAXI Single E1

MGLs maxi singles are designed to drop into a standard 3.125-inch hole, while the Smart Singles fit into a 2.25-inch hole. Author Rick Lindstrom found that the Maxi Single E1 engine monitor was just the ticket to get him flying while his other unit was in the shop for repairs.

What’s New

This months listing covers a new entry to the LSA market, the Explorer, a how-to TIG welding DVD, a free avionics guide from AEA, news about updated software and a new display from Anywhere Map, introduction of a three-cylinder diesel engine, and a sun visor for the popular Vans series of homebuilt aircraft; edited by Mary Bernard.