It's About Meeting People

Stan and Milton
Stan and Milton

Sun ‘n Fun, like any gathering of the aviation clan, is as much about meeting people as it is about airplanes. This is Milton, on the right. We found him camped under a live oak draped with Spanish moss when we grabbed the campsite next door. Milton just finished an RV-12, then started right in on a Legal Eagle. His first Big Fly In was Rockford, in 1966. Leslie, his daughter, was voted Miss EAA at Oshkosh 1980, and in the process met John Christenson, Frank Cristenson’s son. You know Frank as the creator of the first really complete aircraft kit, the Christen Eagle. Leslie and John got married, and now they have a son headed for Rio this summer with the US Olympic Team. And that’s why everyone loves camping under the Spanish moss.

Oh yeah, the guy on the left is my good buddy, Stan Tew. Why be an aviation writer if you can’t make your friends famous?


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