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As the founder of HomebuiltHELP.com, Jon Croke has produced instructional videos for Experimental aircraft builders for over 10 years. He has built (and helped others build) over a dozen kit aircraft of all makes and models. Jon is a private pilot and currently owns and flies a Zenith Cruzer.

Have a bike? Need a lift?

An innovative mount for carrying a bicycle is available for the new Murphy Radical kitplane. This is a unique under wing design option for...

Parts at Sun 'n Fun

Bolts, washers, cotter pins, aluminum sheet and steel tubes. These are the staples of building an aircraft. The usual way to obtain these components...

FlightBox ADS-B receiver

For the last year Steven Sokol has been working on creating a new business called Open Flight Systems. His goal was to design a...

Portable Remote-controlled Tug

At first glance, I thought they were demonstrating a radio controlled toy. This child-sized, motorized, and looking like a military tank gizmo came racing...

Cool Tools from Perennial Exhibitors

Kathy and Randy Hadsall have been providing demonstrations of their ClampTite clamp making tool at Sun n Fun for 8 years straight - and...

Plane and Simple

Keep it in the groove.

Plane and Simple

Locate that hole-precisely!

Plane and Simple

Non-round panel openings.

Plane and Simple

Instrument holes-they're easy and fun with the right tools.

Plane and Simple

Silicone tape-its for a lot more than just emergencies.

In Case You Missed it

How the Pros do It: Maule, Part 2

The visit to Maule Aircraft continues.


More Power, Scotty! I just read the article about the Arion Lightning in the...

Light Sport, Done the Van’s Way

Van’s founder Dick VanGrunsven has long been active in the development of consensus standards for Light Sport Aircraft. Until recently, however, no one knew he was developing an LSA of his own. Enter the proof-of-concept RV-12. If testing bears out the viability of the concept, it may become available as an amateur-built kit.

Get Radical!

Murphys latest is all about fun.