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Pitot Fun

When keeping an aircraft outdoors, it is important to keep the pitot tube covered to prevent water, bugs or other obstructions from blocking it....

Get Them While They're Young

Walking around EAA AirVenture this year, I saw the next generation of airplane enthusiasts being brought up. There are some who are concerned that...

The Harrier Comes to AirVenture

The Harrier Jump Jet made its presence known at EAA AirVenture 2008 on Monday. The military jet has the capability to take off and...

In Case You Missed it


Builders share their successes.

Into the Coal Sack

Paul Dye discusses the ins and outs of landing at night on a narrow, obscured by trees private runway.

Unusual Attitude

As Dick Starks rouses the Dawn Patrol, he recalls his aeronautically inspired familiarity with grain crops, and a nimble performance of the Nieuport Stomp.

Perking up the performance of a Glasair Sportsman

Power Flow exhaust shows a measureable efficiency gain over the standard system.