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Pitot Fun

When keeping an aircraft outdoors, it is important to keep the pitot tube covered to prevent water, bugs or other obstructions from blocking it....

Get Them While They're Young

Walking around EAA AirVenture this year, I saw the next generation of airplane enthusiasts being brought up. There are some who are concerned that...

The Harrier Comes to AirVenture

The Harrier Jump Jet made its presence known at EAA AirVenture 2008 on Monday. The military jet has the capability to take off and...

In Case You Missed it

The Envelope, Please

Seeing as how we're all part of the Experimental aviation business here, let's talk...

Wind Tunnel

Fixed gear or retractable gear? Barnaby Wainfan examines the physics behind this longstanding design question.

The Modern RV-10

A well-modded RV-10 points to the state of the art in homebuilt four-placers.

Wind Tunnel

This month we use the accumulated flight-test data to determine what exactly is causing the unacceptable flying qualities of the airplane so that the best way to fix the problem can be identified;