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Kerry Fores grew up jumping the airport fence in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He wanted to build an airplane in 10th-grade woodshop but was asked to choose a smaller project. In 1998, unconstrained by teachers, Kerry scratch built a Sonex he polished and named Metal Illness. It was awarded Plans Built Champion at AirVenture 2006. Kerry is on the web at thelifeofdanger.com.

What You Don’t Need to Know Can Hurt You

Building an airplane should be mostly fun, sometimes challenging, and infinitely rewarding, but confidence killers lurk everywhere. For instance, peruse metal-forming websites and textbooks...

Odds and Observations

In a distant land, from which Vikings sailed and some of my forefathers sprang, three aircraft owners gathered and stared at a broken bolt...

How Long Will it Take to Build?

Answers to homebuilding's most difficult question.

Floating Nut Plates

The floating nut plate. It sounds like it should come with an allergy warning, but this is KITPLANES, not Pinterest, so we are discussing...

Take Your Time Taking Delivery

There are identifiable times when flying becomes more dangerous. One that plays out in the homebuilt community is a new owner taking possession of...

Screws Care, So Should You

A drill bit is not an heirloom. But if you have your grandpa's cigar box of drill bits, treat them as such and don't...

Emotions, Expectations, and Execution.

"Strange business this is; what works well for one does not work well for someone else!" I'm not sure the builder who wrote that...

Narrowed Focus

A seemingly complicated part layout can be simplified by narrowing your focus from the part as a whole, to a single hole in...

Misplaced Confidence

Advice from a kit manufacturers technical support manager.

On a Wing and a Whim

Flying a scratch-built Sonex is good for the soul.

In Case You Missed it

Wind Tunnel

All-moving tails.

Designing Minds

You've invested thousands of hours building your airplane, and now its time to pick a paint design that will show off all that hard work to best effect. But how do you go about selecting one of innumerable designs? Susan Brunner offers some tips on not only how to narrow the field, but also how to make sure you get the paint job you envisioned.

Aero ‘lectrics

Vibration is not good for engines, airframes or instruments. Jim Weir explains how to fashion vibration analysis equipment for less than retail cost.

Vortex Generators on an RV-8

Do they really make a difference?