Bob Fritz

In recognition of Bobs major contributions to this magazine, he has been moved up the masthead to join Dave Higdon as Senior Editor. What does he get as a result? A special parking place, thicker pay packet? Ah, no, but he has our undying appreciation for continuing the “Home Machinist” series and for shepherding the “Build Your Skills: Composites” series, which concludes this month. You can find the last installment on Page 45.


Amy Laboda

Longtime aviation journalist Amy Laboda joins our ranks this month, opening her every-other-month column called “Down to Earth.” There, shell get to talk about the Vans RV-10 she and her husband are building-or, if you ask him, the airplane shes watching him build-as well as many other topics of interest to aircraft builders. Her flight-training background will give her important perspective on piloting. Her column starts on Page 68.


Kevin Wing

California-based photographer Wing joined the Editor- in-Chief last fall to shoot this months cover subject, the Texas Sport Cub. When offered a dramatic landscape on the airports turf strip, he was awed. Accustomed to shooting motorcycle action sequences on public roads, where you have to be quite canny, Wing said, “Wow, is this heaven?” No, Kevin, its Sulphur Springs, Texas.

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