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Paul Bertorelli is Editor at Large at Belvoir Media Group which publishes Kitplanes Magazine, The Aviation Consumer and AVweb.com. He was formerly the editor of IFR. Paul's an ATP-CFII-MEI.

Wooden Props

While composite props are making inroads, the century-old technology of wood more than holds its own. By Paul Bertorelli.

Kitplanes Looks at RANS S 20 Raven

At the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, KITPLANES got a good look and a demo flight in RANS' new S-20 Raven, an evolution of the popular Coyote kit/LSA series.

Kitplanes Sensenich Factory Tour

Kitplanes and AVweb took a quick tour of the Sensenich wooden prop factory in Plant City, Florida to see how the props are made.

Levil Technology’s New iLevilAW ADAHRS

Levil Technology is out with a new portable ADS-B unit that's really a miniature ADAHRS.

FlyEco’s Experimental Diesel

Diesel engines are beginning to make tiny inroads into the Experimental aircraft market, although they're a ways from gaining market share. At the Aero show in Friedsrichshafen, KITPLANES saw an interesting three-cylinder model from a company called FlyEco.

Better Fuel Efficiency Than Claimed for Rotax 912iS

New side-by-side testing by Rotax reveals that the 912iS yields substantially better fuel economy than the company originally claimed. In this exclusive KITPLANES video, Rotax's Alexander Mitter reveals the test details.

Detailed Look – Garmin’s New G3X Package

We get a detailed look at Garmin's new G3X package. Paul Bertorelli talks to Garmin's Jim Alpiser at the Aero show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Future Fuels, Part 2

When 100LL phases out, the replacement will almost certainly be a 100-octane equivalent. But which one? By Paul Bertorelli.

Garmin’s New Experimental Avionics Products

Garmin International has jumped into the world of avionics for experimental and light sport aircraft with both feet.

Super Legend Cub

American Legends new Super Legend is almost a clone of the ever-popular Super Cub-the company even used Pipers original drawings for some of the Legends parts. The result: a well-balanced, easy-to-fly airplane, with a kit version to be released in 2013. By Paul Bertorelli.

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Let Yourself Soar!

Let Yourself Soar! Not all homebuilts have engines. By Frank Paynter.

Build Your Skills: Metal, Part 2

How to meld with metal and bash rivets without blood or tears; by Dan Checkoway.

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.

Top Overhaul

Gray oil is good, but what about black oil that looks like tar?