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Paul Bertorelli is Editor at Large at Belvoir Media Group which publishes Kitplanes Magazine, The Aviation Consumer and AVweb.com. He was formerly the editor of IFR. Paul's an ATP-CFII-MEI.

40 Years Of RANS Aircraft—An Interview With Randy Schlitter

Our colleague Paul Bertorelli over at AVweb spoke with RANS’ Randy Schlitter prior to AirVenture this year. Randy will concede there may be as...

TurbAero’s Small Turbine Update

TurbAero, an Australian company with footprints in the U.S. and Canada, is continuing work on its small regenerative turbine for light experimental aircraft. At...

New A30 Noise Canceling Headset from Bose

Bose’s A20 has proved to be one of the most popular noise canceling headsets on the market but the company figured it’s due for...

Velocity U

You could probably figure out how to fly one on your own, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Velocity will show you how.

Sun ‘n Fun Postponed Until May 5-10

Sun ‘n Fun has been postponed until May 5 to 10, 2020 on concerns over the spread of Covid-19. According to Tampa’s foxnews13, the...

Sporty’s PJ2

For a couple‭ ‬of hundred bucks‭, ‬why‭ ‬argue about whether a handheld VHF‭ ‬com radio is worth having‭? ‬Top-of-the-line tablets can cost five times...

What Was New at DeLand?

Last weekend the final trade show of the season kicked off in DeLand, Florida, and Paul Bertorelli was there to find out what’s new...

AeroVonics AV-20 and AV-30 Review

A New Mexico start-up called AeroVonics rolled out the most innovative panel-mount electronic displays we’ve seen in quite some time. The instruments are designed...

Rotaxs 915 iS is Ready to Roll

It's got a great power-to-weight ratio, but also a complex installation procedure. Don't be surprised if it inspires a new design or two.

Sport Expo: Building Airplanes Is Getting Easier

Last week, just as I was girding to launch into the savage hinterlands of central Florida where Sebring is situated, I got a note...

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