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Pumping avgas and waxing flight school airplanes got Tom into general aviation in 1973, but the lure of racing cars and motorcycles sent him down a motor journalism career heavy on engines and racing. Today he still writes for peanuts and flies for fun.

Oplite LEDs

First time exhibitor Oplite has a nifty line of cockpit lamps featuring variable brightness and colors, along with a choice of integrated or separate...

Sales Momentum

If it’s a show then there are show specials, and AirVenture is no exception. To pick just one, Aero Momentum, purveyors of several small-bore...

TurbAero Announces New Turbine Engine

For sure the sexiest block of wood at AirVenture is the TurbAero mock-up of their all-new, clean sheet design turbine engine. The new company...

Oasis Inspection Camera

Video camera probes are one of the wonders of our age, but the cheap ones we always seem to borrow make us wish the...

Unleaded Avgas Approved

It’s easier to catch a neutrino in a jar than come across a fundamental change in general aviation, but it appears we just caught...

Round Fantasies

Modern round motor fans are romantics for sure, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to find the compact Verner radials displayed on equally emotional...

F1 Rocket Update

If there’s one question Vince Frasier at F1 Rocket is tired of answering is, “When is the tapered wing coming out?” So, of course,...

Speed Is in the Air

Air racing at Reno is part iron-age anachronism but also leading-edge development of the airplanes flying today. Where else can you say “4360 cubic...
Starduster biplane over grass strip

Old School Solution

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but maybe it was, that the essence of a sport airplane was a biplane.

Hidden Truths

There are some things to learn in aviation that seemingly only come with experience.

In Case You Missed it

Taking Care of Old Pushy and Pulley

Modern propellers do a good job of converting engine horsepower into thrust, and are generally tough and sturdy. But every prop needs care. Steve Ells looks at the top prop-care tips.

Making Peace with the Jabiru Engine

Keep it cool: That’s the secret to success with the Jabiru engine, which will reward your efforts by being a simple, powerful and smooth-running powerplant. Dave Prizio offers some suggestions for Jabiru care.

25th Anniversary: Builder Assistance

Builder-assistance programs continue to grow and change to accommodate both builders needs and FAA regulations. By Mary Bernard.

The Dawn Patrol

It’s The Great Pumpkin Drop Charlie Brown!