AV8OR Ace Debuts


Honeywell has introduced at AirVenture its AV8OR Ace, a 7-inch touch-screen handheld GPS. The Bendix/King by Honeywell AV8OR Ace is as easy to use as the AV8OR handheld that debuted last summer. It provides geo-referenced FAA charts, eliminating the need for the pilot to carry paper charts.


The airplane may be displayed directly on high/low en route charts, approach plates and airport diagrams, said Chad Cundiff, VP of crew interface systems marketing and product management at Honeywell. Digital charts and approach plates may be obtained from Seattle Avionics Software, plus the unit integrates smoothly with Seattle Avionics’ Voyager Flight Software System to ensure the safest, most efficient route. Additional charting options will become available, Cundiff said.


“We’re very excited to provide our exclusive seamless IFR charts to the AV8OR Ace,” said Steve Podradchik, CEO of Seattle Avionics. “With these charts, pilots can fly from one end of the country to the other with what looks like one country-sized low altitude or high altitude chart.”


The Ace includes all of the same capability found in the original AV8OR handheld, including WAAS GPS, automotive navigation, regional databases, airport information including fuel prices, and interfaces for traffic and weather. Airport service data is from Flight Guide, and the weather interface supports Wx Worx, one of the largest XM satellite weather data providers.


The introductory price of the AV8OR Ace at AirVenture is $1999, and it is available at authorized sales and service centers.


For more information on the AV8OR Ace, click here. For more on Seattle Avionics Software, click here


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