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American Legend Aircraft announced the availability of its Amphibious Legend FloatCub, configured with floats from Baumann Floats, LLC, of New Richmond, Wisconsin. The Amphibious Legend FloatCub is a two-seat certified Light Sport Aircraft that meets the requirements of 1430-pound maximum gross weight and a simple, repositionable landing gear. Baumann has been manufacturing FAA certified floats since 1989, and provides models TSOd for a variety of aircraft. The amphibious floats for the Legend FloatCub have been certified and tested to the same standards, the company says. The FloatCub is available now at $159,000.

Also new from American Legend, the Legend Smart Cub with a panel-mounted Garmin GPSMAP 696 MFD. The optional panel-mounted GPSMAP 696 features the latest in avionics in a large 7-inch diagonal high-definition display. As equipped on the Legend Smart Cub, this advanced unit provides the moving-map features of earlier GPSMAP units, plus new features such as detailed electronic charts, real time weather, taxiway diagrams, and simultaneous display of simulated primary flight instruments. The complete Legend Smart Cub panel includes a Garmin SL 40 com, GTX 327 transponder, PS Engineering PM1200 intercom, as well as standard primary flight instruments including airspeed, altimeter, and a TruTrak ADI. Pricing for the GPSMAP 696-equipped Legend Cub starts at around $123,000.

The FloatCub and other Legend Cubs will be displayed at AirVenture in Booth 38 on Knapp St. across from the forums and workshops.

For more information, visit American Legend Aircraft.


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