Chris Visagie's Bush Eagle STOL


After completing the Bush King STOL Mission Aircraft project last year, I thought about designing and building another airplane: the Bush Eagle STOL, a nose-wheel “trainer” tail-wheel Bush STOL that converts to a Floatplane, all-in-one 2 place tandem.

I wanted a low cost STOL aircraft that was quick & simple to build, very rugged, yet easy to maintain in remote areas. Thus, the choice of engine and available parts (at very low cost) was a strong consideration. Once all the design drawings (in CAD & Solid Works), the Precision Welded Jigs and Laser cut parts where done, it took only 4 months to complete the quick build kit of the Bush Eagle STOL.

My Bush Eagle is fitted with the Bush King Performance VW2.3L 1:1.8 Re-drive Engine, PowerFin 75″ ground-adjustable prop and the performance is excellent! It climbs out at +1000 ft/min and cruises nicely at 95 mph on about 3.4 gal/hr. (uses auto 93 Octane). Vx is 54 mph, Vy 69 mph, Vso is 46 mph “clean” and with 40 degrees of flaps under 32mph indicated! With two aluminum wing tanks I have 24 gal. fuel capacity on board or +5hrs flight time!

My Bush Eagle STOL is a very spacious, fun, all-in-one daily flier that I can land on paved runways, unpaved bush strips or even on a lake! Overall the Bush Eagle STOL has solid design choices and I am very happy with the result!

Location: Rowan County Airport, NC

e-mail address: [email protected]



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