Rod Swendeners RANS S-6ES

I brought the RANS kit home from Hays, Kansas, on September 19, 2005, and received the Airworthiness Certificate on May 13, 2007. I would like to thank Ed and Steve at RANS. Also thanks to my tech counselor, A. J. Smith, and the members of EAA Chapter 804 for their support and encouragement. A special thank you to my wife for her help and patience in making a dream come true. The airplane flies great and currently has 24.5 hours with no problems. Thank you Randy and Paula for a great design and a great kit. I would like to hear from other RANS builders.

Burwell, Nebraska
[email protected]

Norman St. Peters Hummingbird 260L

N5179 took its maiden flight on August 14, 2007. I began construction on this 2006 production-run kit in September 2006. I am the owner, builder and pilot of N5179, and the first flight was perfect and amazingly smooth. It is equipped with a Garmin 530, 496, Dynon EFIS and engine monitor. The interior is full leather with cabin heat. Paint is Imron. I looked at a lot of helicopters and decided to build my own. The Hummingbird was my choice because of the proven record and four-place capacity. Factory support was fabulous and 24/7. Many thanks to Vertical Aviation Technologies for their help with the final inspection, rigging and flight testing. Thanks also to V.A.T. pilot Dale Stutesman for helping with all the flight testing.

[email protected]

Martin Davidows Sonex

On October 6, 2007, after a little over three years of part-time fabrication and assembly, my garage-built Sonex, N705SX, made the first flight. It was piloted by my EAA Technical Counselor Ron Caraway, and flew from the Jacqueline Cochran Airport (TRM). The aircraft incorporates an AeroVee engine, Sensenich prop, MGL Stratomaster XL instrument package, Icom A200 transceiver and an Ameri-King AD-450 ELT. The initial flight test indicated a cruise speed of 110 mph and full-flap stall at 34 mph. I was fortunate to have help and encouragement from many friends, the most important being my wife, Betty, whose unending encouragement made this project possible. Many thanks also to the Sonex staff, Tom Schuh for the engine assist, and my local EAA Chapter 1116 members for their help.

Palm Desert, California
[email protected]

John B. Thibauts Challenger II

This is my Challenger II, with a Rotax 503 engine, landing on Lake Verret near Napoleonville, Louisiana, on September 16, 2007. My dream has finally been completed. Since 1983, when I started to fly ultralights, my goal was to build a plane with floats. During this time I flew more than 400 hours, but I always knew something was missing. I wanted to land on water. In 1996 I finished building this plane. In 2006 I installed the floats, and now the possibilities have expanded by opening a new world in my flying experience.

Napoleonville, Louisiana
[email protected]

Larry Travers Traver Spirit

The Traver Spirit, N211LT, is a one-of-a-kind STOL. It took three years to build, totally outdoors, and was worth every bit of it. Three seats fold down into a bed; there are 50 gallons of gas; built-in float mounts and belly tank mounts; 45 flaps; Grove aluminum landing gear and a 150-hp Lycoming. Sensenich 74×57 fixed Prop Shop prop; two large baggage doors and a baggage tube. The door and window are hinged at the top. I put everything I could think of into this mini bushplane. Its the best of the best.

Sturgis, South Dakota
[email protected] 



Submissions to Completions should include a typed, double-spaced description (a few paragraphs only-250 words maximum) of the project and the finished aircraft. Also include a good color photograph (prints or 35mm slides are acceptable) of the aircraft that we may keep. Please include a daytime phone number where we can contact you if necessary. Also indicate whether we may publish address in case other builders would like to contact you. Send submissions to: Completions, c/o KITPLANES Magazine, 203 Argonne Ave., Suite B105, Long Beach, CA 90803. Digital submissions are also acceptable. Send text and photos to [email protected] with a subject line of Completions. Photos must be high-resolution-300 dpi at a 3 x 5 print size is the minimum requirement. 


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