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Pilot, certified ground instructor, builder and KITPLANES contributor, Leonard Weiser enjoys vintage aircraft, wood-fabric construction and round gauges. Currently building a Rotec radial-powered Fisher Celebrity.

Mastering Epoxy

Tips for keeping down the mess…and the cost.

Samurai Homebuilder

Using a Japanese pull saw on your aircraft project.

The Art of Corner Blocking in Wood Aircraft Construction

Tips for working smarter when making these small, critical parts.

In Case You Missed it

Editor’s Log

What do you do with your homebuilt?

A Futuristic Anachronism

Ultimate experimenter Paul Lipps has used his own homebuilt, a Lancair 320, as a test bed for his many innovations, which include reflexed flaps, an ultra-long pitot tube for more accurate readings, a solar-powered fan for the cockpit, a cowl scoop for ultra cooling of the magneto, extremely close clearances between the spinner and the prop, and a one-of-a-kind propeller.

Ask the DAR

Can a homebuilt whose core is a certified airplane fuselage ever be seen as an Experimental?

3D Printing to the Rescue!

Saving a $1,000 headset by making a new earcup bracket.