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Leonard Weiser
Pilot, certified ground instructor, builder and KITPLANES contributor, Leonard Weiser enjoys vintage aircraft, wood-fabric construction and round gauges. Currently building a Rotec radial-powered Fisher Celebrity.

Mastering Epoxy

Tips for keeping down the mess…and the cost.

Samurai Homebuilder

Using a Japanese pull saw on your aircraft project.

The Art of Corner Blocking in Wood Aircraft Construction

Tips for working smarter when making these small, critical parts.

In Case You Missed it

Ask the DAR

RV-7A converted to RV-7, importing a Canadian ultralight to the U.S. and registering as an LSA.

2023 Propeller Buyer’s Guide

Picking your perfect prop.

Wind Tunnel

Its an age-old duality: stability versus maneuverability. Many factors go into developing and building any aircraft, and the designers choices will affect a pilots workload, for good or ill. Among the topics discussed are trim, pitch stability and yaw stability;

The Wind-up, the Pitch…

…and now let’s hit this PC board problem out of the park. Let’s make...