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Negrin Glasair

Alan Negrins Glasair

N2CQ started as a big pile of parts on September 5, 2006, and first flew on October 4, 2006, less than 30 days from start to finish. I completed the airplane in the Glasair Aviation Two Weeks to Taxi program, and was the first customer to go through the program. It is IFR-equipped, with an Advanced Flight Systems AF-3500 EFIS, Garmin 430W, SL30 and TruTrak DigiFlight II autopilot. My wife and I made our first of many airplane camping trips to Idaho on Memorial Day weekend 2007. Cruise speed is 150 knots TAS.

Kirkland, Washington


Paul Taylors RV-8

RV-8 N70PTs initial flight occurred on June 9, 2007. Four years and 2700 hours is all it took, and that included the homemade paint job. The 40-hour fly-off was completed in a month, and my brother Joe and I flew to Oshkosh 2007. The engine is a 180-horsepower Superior XP IO-360 I built at the Superior engine build school. The propeller is a Hartzell constant speed; the paint is Randolph Ranthane. Empty weight painted is 1110 pounds. This airplane is a joy to fly, and my Cessna looks sad every time I pull the RV-8 out to go fly. Many thanks to Vans for putting out a super product.

Overgaard, Arizona

Capra's RV-8

Sal Capras RV-8

I completed and test-flew my Vans RV-8 in February 2007. The plane was constructed from a quickbuild kit over a 2.5-year period. An O-360 with a constant-speed prop makes sure all Vans published numbers are achieved. A Dynon EFIS and EMS are in the panel, and the plane is a joy to fly. The Grove gear smooths out the bumps. The Vans product and support are great. Thanks to Brian Parrish for his knowledge and help, and to Duke Raven for bucking those rivets. Life is great in an RV-8.

Lakeland, Florida

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