Eric Newtons Bearhawk

This is my Bearhawk, which made its first flight on June 7, 2008. N57EN, otherwise known as the Missippi Mudbug, was plansbuilt from scratch over four and a half years. The engine is a 180-hp Lycoming O-360 with a Sensenich fixed-pitch prop. The instrument panel is a simple VFR setup with a Dynon EFIS-D100, Grand Rapids Technologies EIS 4000 engine monitor and a panel-mounted Lowrance 2000C color moving map GPS. With three regular-size adults and full fuel on board, the Bearhawk takes off from a turf strip in about 400 feet and climbs at 1200 fpm. Cruise at 75% power is 140 mph TAS at 8000 feet. With flaps, it stalls at about 43 mph indicated. My thanks go to designer Bob Barrows for tons of support, Mickey Whittenburg, who taught me how to gas weld and fabric-covering techniques, co-builder Lonnie Gibbons and to my ever patient wife, Michelle.

Long Beach, Mississippi
[email protected]

Kevin Bowmans Excalibur

I started building my Excalibur kit on May 26, 2007. After 326 hours and 114 days of working on it I finished construction on July 21, 2008, and received the airworthiness certificate on October 18, 2008. The engine is a 65-hp fuel-injected Hirth with a 66-inch Powerfin three-blade prop. It only has 41 hours on it so far, mainly because of the cold Wisconsin weather, but hopefully well be able to fly it soon. I would like to thank Tom Karr of Excalibur Aircraft for all the help while building N666KB.

Suring, Wisconsin
[email protected]

Blake Thomass Nieuport 28

Over the past year Ive worked closely with Robert Baslee of Airdrome Aeroplanes, building my Nieuport 28 from his kit. I received outstanding support throughout the building process. Hes definitely the expert in WW-I replica airplanes.
I think you’ll see the airplane Ive built is the most advanced of his models. Ive installed radios, transponder, tailwheel, brakes, heater and lights. This aircraft is amateur-built and also meets the LSA criteria.
The reason I picked this particular airplane is because of its history and mine. The Nieuport 28 was the first fighter American squadrons flew in WW-I. Two of these squadrons, the 27th and 94th, are still in existence today. I flew combat in both of these squadrons with the Air Force (F-15s) in Desert Storm. My airplane will represent the 27th Pursuit Squadron and has all of the markings with the exception of the eagle patch on both sides of the fuselage. The eagles will be added later.

Richmond, Texas
[email protected]


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