EAA Aviation Museum adds two record breaking aircraft to collection

Around-the-world AutoGyro and all-electric BlackFly now on display


The EAA Aviation Museum added to its collection two new aircraft that made appearances during EAA AirVenture 2019: the BlackFly from Opener and the AutoGyro MT-03 from AutoGyro GmbH.

Opener-BlackFly. Photo: EAA.

Opener – BlackFly

The BlackFly is the first addition to the EAA Aviation Museum that operates entirely on electric power. This single-seat, ultralight aircraft had its first manned flight in 2018 and is scheduled to be available for purchase to the public later this year. The BlackFly was on display outside the Urban Air Mobility exhibit at this year’s AirVenture, showing a small glimpse at the future of personal aerial vehicles. Opener displayed the BlackFly initially during AirVenture 2018 and then donated the aircraft to the EAA Aviation Museum during AirVenture 2019 on July 22.

AutoGyro MT-03. Photo: EAA.

AutoGyro GmbH – AutoGyro MT-03

The AutoGyro MT-03 is the most recently notable one of five AutoGyro aircraft on display at the EAA Aviation Museum, two of which (including the MT-03) are world record-holding aircraft. In 2019, Irishman Norman Surplus completed the very first around-the-world journey flown in an AutoGyro. Surplus made his way through 32 countries over the 9-year journey across the globe. The AutoGyro MT-03 will be on display in the museum through AirVenture 2020 and will feature a map pinpointing the exact flight path and various stops Surplus made along the way.


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