Enhanced Version of ePanel Builder Site Debuts


Bill VonDane of Whiskey Victor, Inc. announced the debut of the company’s long-awaited new and enhanced ePanel Builder web site. The site is designed to provide kit aircraft builders with the tools necessary to design and build an instrument panel to exact specifications.

The new module will guide builders through the design and building process with as much or as little assistance as desired. New tools allow builders to design and save multiple versions of a custom panel and upload panels, consoles, instruments and avionics for addition to the sites list of available equipment. You can view your designs with different custom-colored panels and manage the panels practicality with a running total of weight, current draw and cost.

And once you’ve created the perfect panel, you can download full-size templates for cutting the panel on your own, download a complete equipment list as well as full-size instrument images. Additionally, ePanel Builder will assist you in creating the actual panel once your design is done. They offer a number of building services ranging from tasks as simple as cutting the panel itself to the full assembly of a custom-designed panel.

To check out ePanel Builder for yourself, visit http://www.epanelbuilder.com/legacy/.

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