Fisher Flying Reintroduces Two Aircraft

The Dakota Hawk and FP-202 reemerge as kits.


After relocation to its new factory in Woodbridge, Ontario Canada, Fisher Flying Products is ready to begin kit production for some of the company’s most popular aircraft. Initially, two kits will be offered, the Light Sport eligible Dakota Hawk and the low-cost FP-202 Koala. The Dakota Hawk is a high-wing two-seat aircraft that can be powered by a variety of engines from 80 to 120 horsepower. The FP-202 Koala is the most popular plane in the Fisher line and has been available for more than 20 years.

Both aircraft are constructed using Fishers wood geodetic construction technique, which allows anyone with common woodworking tools to be able to build without investing in new equipment, the company says. The aircraft are available as complete airframe kits or in three sub-kits that let a builder spread the cost of construction over the life of the project. All wood and metal parts needed to complete the aircraft are cut to size and shaped for easy and quick construction.

Full-size plans will continue to be available for all 14 designs in the Fisher Flying Products fleet. The company expects more kits to become available later.

For more information call 905/856-7050 or visit Fisher Flying Products.


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