JPI Announces New Flat-Panel Engine Monitor


JP Instruments has just introduced the new EDM-730/830 engine monitor, which can be bought as an LCD screen upgrade for an existing 700/800 series system, or as a complete new system. Recognizing the market demand for larger, more readable color displays in the cockpit, JPI has created a 4×3-inch flat panel that improves upon the original amber LED round display.

Like the original JPI instruments, the new system displays most every aircraft engine parameter, including rpm and manifold pressure, percentage of horsepower, battery voltage, OAT, CHTs and EGTs, oil temperature and pressure, and it even has fuel totalizer capability. It does not anticipate liquid-cooled engines, but one of the temperature data channels can be used for this indication with an appropriate probe.

Looking forward to a strong upgrade market from existing customers, the company says the new display can be mounted in any one of four orientations to best fit into an existing panel. The round 3-inch cylinder on the back is slightly offset from center, allowing the user to easily decide how it best fits. A front-mounted USB port is conveniently placed for data downloads and logging of flights.

The company reports that the first 200 units will be available by May 15th. Depending on features and the number of probes needed, full systems will cost from $1995 to $4450.

For more information, call 800/345-4574 or visit JP Instruments.


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