Val Introduces Low-Profile, High-Memory VHS Com


After 20 years in the avionics business, Val Avionics has introduced the thinnest com radio on the market. An inch high and 9.5 inches long, the Com 2000 brings with it a few features not available in its predecessor, the Com 760. Both active and standby frequencies can be displayed at all times, it has flip-flop capability, and the large 0.375-inch display characters wont leave you squinting. Perhaps one of the most useful features is the addition of 15 memory locations where you can input your own alphanumeric channel identifiers for regularly used frequencies. Tired of looking for Norcal Approach? Input it and forget about it.

Val Avionics Jim Harr says the radio comes prewired and ready to install. Made from CNC-milled 6061 aluminum, rather than being a sheet-metal-wrapped form, the high-quality one-piece casing for the 3-pound radio is a great heat sink and provides excellent RF separation.

The Com 2000 lists for $1295. The companion audio panel, the low-profile AP 100, retails for $495. For pilots concerned about efficient use of panel space, two Com 2000s and an AP 1000 (shown above) can be installed in a 3-inch vertical hole.

For more information, visit Val Avionics.


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