Kitfox Series 7 Super Sport Receives FAA 51 Percent Approval


The FAA National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) recently concluded its evaluation of the Kitfox Series 7 Super Sport Aircraft, and in a letter dated July 21, 2011, Terry Allen, manager of the FAA Production and Airworthiness Division, stated that the Evaluation Team determined that the kit will allow an amateur builder to meet the major portion requirement of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations part 21, Certification Procedures for Products and Parts, § 21.191(g), known as the 51 percent requirement to register the aircraft as Experimental/Amateur-Built.

The FAA Production and Airworthiness Division (AIR-200) will have the Kitfox kit added to the List of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits located on the FAA web site.

Kitfox Aircraft uses CNC routers, and the standard airframe kit and control system parts are supplied completely welded and with all the hardware and covering system needed to complete the airframe.

The Kitfox Series 7 Super Sport is the latest model of the Kitfox that was introduced in 1984. This newest model has a maximum gross weight capability of 1550 pounds and can still be operated as an LSA if desired. It retains the ability to fold the wings quickly and easily and offers larger, wider cabin area with more head and leg room plus a baggage area capable of carrying up to 150 pounds. Builders also have the option to change the gear position from taildragger to trigear at any time if desired. The Series 7 can be powered with engines from the Rotax 9 series, Continental O-200, IO-240, Lycoming O-235, O-233, Jabiru 3300 and Rotec R2800 Radial. Many builders are also utilizing other choices from UL Power, Corvair and Viking Honda.

For more information, call 208/337-1511 or visit Kitfox is also at EAA AirVenture, in the North Display area, Booths 634 and 635.


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