Hummel We Go Along

I just received the January 2009, KITPLANES and was surprised to see that Hummel Aviation was not included in the Plansbuilt Buyer’s Guide. All three designs should have been there based on the information you requested and we submitted. I am certain this is a huge project each year, and mistakes happen. Please let me know what happened if possible. I expect a call from the designer, Mr. Hummel, any minute.

Terry Hallett
Hummel Aviation

Well take this opportunity to remind everyone that we segregate our buyers guides into kits, plans, rotorcraft and engines. A good many kitbuilt designs are also available for plansbuilders, and rather than double up on the entries, we simply note which aircraft can be built from plans in the December Kit Aircraft Buyer’s Guide. We hope Mr. Hummel goes easy on you.-Ed.

Where Did He Go?

Please tell me the crybabies didn’t get Dan Checkoway fired and Dans World trashed. He was a breath of fresh air!

Rob Simmons

No, not at all. In fact, Dan asked for a rest from the column as he made some major life changes, and we were happy to give him the space. Hes welcome back when he can find the time.-Ed.

Foiled Again

The article Wag-Aero Sport Trainer in the January 2009 issue stated, Yes, its a J-3 at the core. Overall dimensions, airfoil choice, basic materials and concepts all closely follow the J-3 blueprint. That flat-bottomed, USA-1 airfoil wing… Congratulations-you didn’t make the common error of naming the Clark Y as the airfoil used on the J-3! Unfortunately, naming the USA 1 is a far greater error. The USA 1 has a prominent undercamber, whereas the airfoil on the J-3 has a barely noticeable undercamber (but enough to prove that its not a Clark Y, which is perfectly flat over the last 70% of the bottom). I wont hold you in suspense any longer: The J-3 used the USA 35B.

William H. Frank

Well say this about that: Doh!-Ed.

Home Machinist Question

I have a Shoptask drill mill lathe. I am wondering where you got the compound slide and quick change tool post that I saw in the magazine? My compound slide is mounted on the side of my tool post, but I would like to set it up like yours, where the tool post is mounted on top of the slide.

Frank Strasser

Bob Fritz replies: That tool post you see is from Enco (www.buyenco.com). I just looked there to get the part number, but the site was down. Just search for tool posts; it was about $100. There are two versions, and either would work.

Stein Survives

I just received my January issue and didn’t find the section All About Avionics by Stein Bruch. Have you dropped that section? I found it very interesting and helpful and would like to see more from him.

Bud Shaffer

Not to worry. We put Stein on a short sabbatical while we worked through the largest of our buyers guides for the year. Hes back this month with a feature on engine monitors, and well have him regularly the rest of the year.

Our Crazy Email System

Its come to our attention that our company email system has become a tad overzealous in filtering out genuine reader feedback from the hundreds of get-rich-quick schemes and physical enhancement offers we receive every day. If you feel like you haven’t been getting through, try us again at [email protected].


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