Winner’s Circle What’s this I hear about Paul Dye already winning some kind of award for his SubSonex? When will we see more on this...

Kit Stuff

We have to winterize everything!

Letters – October 2019

Praise for Paul Former Editor in Chief (and now Editor at Large) Paul Dye made a brief announcement through social media detailing the handoff from...
Kitstuff - Genesis of a project

Kit Stuff: Genesis of a Project

In the beginning was the dream!

Letters: September 2019

Building and Selling Two articles in the June edition really hit home for me: “How Long Will it Take to Build” and “How to Sell...

Kit Stuff: The Grandfather of the UAV

Drawing on experience: The Grandfather of the UAV


In Search of SpeedI read both articles from Dave Forster and was very disappointed that he never even mentioned a Velocity. Even a...

Kit Stuff

Kit Stuff


Adding an O2 Sensor Reinhard Metz's article about adding an AFR gauge and O2 sensor is excellent . I have been wondering why GA airplanes...

In Case You Missed it

Dakota Super 18

Unparalleled slow-speed handling characteristics set this Cub apart. By Bill Repucci.

Learning about Lycomings

Attending the Lycoming Service Class in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Ask the DAR

Do you need to run your engine for the DAR? How does using a certified engine and prop affect your Phase I test period? How about the gray areas regarding dual flight instruction? DAR Mel Asberry gives you the straight scoop.


Builders share their successes.