Human-Powered Planes


Winner’s Circle What’s this I hear about Paul Dye already winning some kind of award for his SubSonex? When will we see more on this...

Kit Stuff

We have to winterize everything!

Letters – October 2019

Praise for Paul Former Editor in Chief (and now Editor at Large) Paul Dye made a brief announcement through social media detailing the handoff from...
Kitstuff - Genesis of a project

Kit Stuff: Genesis of a Project

In the beginning was the dream!

Letters: September 2019

Building and Selling Two articles in the June edition really hit home for me: “How Long Will it Take to Build” and “How to Sell...

Kit Stuff: The Grandfather of the UAV

Drawing on experience: The Grandfather of the UAV


In Search of SpeedI read both articles from Dave Forster and was very disappointed that he never even mentioned a Velocity. Even a...

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Kit Stuff

Minnesota Mission

Creating a bespoke airplane is one benefit of building from plans; when assembling a kit, builders cannot make many changes.

Kit Stuff

Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.