Archive: February 1999

Our February 1999 issue teased a summer’s worth of aeronautical splash-n-dash with a “Water-Flying Special.” In it, we covered amphibious aircraft and floatplanes as...

Archive: October 1999

Mike Arnold’s hyper efficient AR-5 was on our October 1999 cover with a report by editor Dave Martin that posed an interesting question: Could...

Archive: October 1997

A sleek Lancair IV-P was on our October 1997 cover along with the blurb promising an over-gulf trip from Florida to Mexico.

Archive: April 1998

On our April 1998 cover was the sleek, motorglider-esque Europa. Actually, not just one but three of them, celebrating the latest Europa XS model,...

Archive: June 1995

A turbocharged Pelican was on our cover of this issue. Inside, LeRoy Cook reported on the French homebuilt design’s kinship to the Cessna 150...

Adequate Supply

How to keep your engine happy.

Archive: August 1989

We called it “Pulsar With a Purpose,” on our August 1989 cover, and it was Mark Brown’s popular follow-on to the single-seat Star-Lite, the...

Archive: January 2008

On our cover was the stunning Falco F.8L built by Kris Shipler’s late father, John. We met Kris at Chino airport, where so much...
Kitplanes June 1999 cover.

Archive: June 1999

The Viking Cygnet was on the cover of our June 1999 issue. The plansbuilt design debuted at Oshkosh 1977 as Bert Sisler’s second design....

Archive: February 1989

On our February 1989 cover we celebrated the “Return of the Cub.” From today’s perspective, it’s hard to imagine it was ever gone, but...

In Case You Missed it

Best Practices – Fastener Safety

Cotter pins, safety wire, lock washers, and thread lockers.

An Icon Passes

Chris Heintz left behind a legacy of innovative, functional design and successful kit-company strategies that relied on keeping the designs simple and costs low.

Testing, Testing!

Part 2: Determining Material Properties

Aero ‘lectrics

Ground that plane!