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Editor’s Log

Editor Mary Bernard addresses readers’ concerns about legibility in the magazine and offers a correction about pricing of the Safari kit helicopter.

An Immigrant’s Journey

Enchanted with the idea of building his own amphibian, Larry Woods came across a Ukrainian design, the Aeroprakt A-24, which seemed to fit the bill. After much research, he got a hold of a kit, built it, and then liked it so much that he became the Canadian distributor.

Vacuum Bagging for Homebuilders

Pleats, punctures and vacuum loss, oh my! Patrick Thomson addresses all of these potential problems and more in the last installment of his series on vacuum bagging at home.

Aero ‘lectrics

In this first of a two-part series, Jim Weir builds a low-cost, high-efficiency portable ground-based antenna system that he used to great effect in the recent CAFE 400 (fuel efficiency) race in Northern California. You can do it, too.