Michael Goodman's Dakota Hawk


After nearly 13 years of construction (I’m slow) Dakota Hawk N783SM took to the sky for its maiden flight. Powered by a Rotax 912S and turning a 72” Warp drive prop it literally jumped off the runway. The moment was surreal! I couldn’t believe that the bundle of sticks and pieces of plywood from the kit had materialized into the sturdy little flyer that carried me aloft. Everything was done in my two car garage including the paint, which thanks to the Stewart System was accomplished with virtually no smell or worries of combustible fumes. My gratitude to the factory support I received in the days when Gene and Darlene Hanson owned Fisher Flying Products, my good friend Shawn who was always willing to lend a helping hand and especially to my loving wife who encouraged me to pursue my boyhood dream.
Michael Goodman
Ventura, CA

Location: Ventura, CA

e-mail address: [email protected]


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