New Dimpling Tool for Experimental Builders


Experimental Aero recently announced the availability of the DRDT-2, the second generation of its welded C-frame deep-reach dimple tool. The tool is designed to replace common impact C-frame rivet dimplers and uses a mechanical advantage to make dimpling faster and easier on the builder and less fatiguing and safer on the sheet metal skins.

The DRDT-2 incorporates a new low-force spring return system that prevents skin damage from the accidental release of the handle without increasing the force required to dimple. The 22-inch-deep throat allows dimpling of sheets up to 44 inches wide. And the company says its fully adjustable set holder allows builders to easily achieve consistent and accurate dimples. Finally, the company calls the DRDT-2s operation silent when compared to a traditional C-frame dimpler.

The DRDT-2 is painted with an industrial-grade powder coat to provide a tough finish. The product comes ready to dimply (after minor assembly) for $300. A kit version is also available-the company’s DRDT-2 Front End Kit costs $120 and allows the builder to construct the frame to the fabrication drawings included in the kit. The steel itself is not included in the kit, and basic welding skills and tools are required for completion.

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