Jeff Roberts Europa

I jump-started my kit in 2002 at FlightCrafters for two weeks. (Thanks to Bob Berube for the help and taking all my calls!) I then brought it home for four more years of garage recreation. Lots of small mods, but it has the standard 912S with the standard Warp Drive ground-adjustable prop set at 21. I built it as light and clean as I could, and it seems to have paid dividends. Im seeing 130 knots at 4500 feet and 5400 rpm, burning 4.5 gph of auto fuel. Wow! Its an incredible plane in the air, on pavement or on grass. Running a small business, building a new home, and trying to find time to fly off the 40 hours was tough, but as of October 2006, I have 50 hours and am looking forward to many cross-countries. Thanks to my wife, Karen, for watching me bobbing around in the garage for four years and for the nickname Gold Rush. Thanks to Mike Bowden for that first flight, to Steve Wright for his composite advice, and to the Europa forum and Rocket Man for all their help and encouragement. To build an airplane is to accomplish and make new friends! As life slows down a bit, I feel another project will be waiting.

Smyrna, Tennessee
[email protected]

Guy Sissons Sky Ranger

My kit was purchased from Sky Ranger dealers Bob and Gayle Schutte of Arcade, New York. The project took 18 months to complete. I used the 100-horsepower Rotax 912. The prop is a three-blade IvoProp. My profession is painting cars, so I chose to paint the entire plane with Sherwin Williams two-stage base/clear system (fabric and all). This seems to seal the fabric really well, takes away the transparent look and gives the appearance of solid skin, not to mention allowing you to wash and wax with ease. I installed a BRS parachute, Icom A-200 transceiver, AmeriKing ELT, and a PS Engineering intercom. The Sky Ranger is a wonderful flying airplane. I fly whenever I can.

Delevan, New York
[email protected]


Bill Futrells Kolb MK III Xtra

After an extensive look at several different models as far as construction and the way they were built, I decided on the Kolb. The building went pretty smooth even if it was my first attempt at building a plane. With my wifes help and support, we completed it with no problem. I used analog gauges because that is what I have been used to. It has a BRS system and an 80-horsepower Rotax 912 engine. It is a great flying plane, and I would recommend the kit to anyone who wants a good flying plane that flies much like a GA aircraft. I am now living in Florida, and we have good flying weather all year long down here. The people at the The New Kolb factory were super throughout the building and could not have been better. What a great bunch of guys to work with.

Brooksville, Florida



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